System Topology


Through a high performance Gigabit Ethernet network, Symantec Storage Foundation pools together individual server directly-attached PCIe Flash, forming a synchronized data storage pool. Data are synchronously distributed among servers with redundant copies for maximum availability; Oracle RAC accesses the storage pool like a conventional SAN, however without a centralized depository as a conventional SAN does.

Solution Features

  • Shared, high-performance, and low latency PCIe flash storage.
  • Open X86 server platform, without getting locked into proprietary SAN hardware.
  • Compatible with most cluster-aware databases , including Oracle RAC ,SQL ,DB2 etc.
  • Dynamic I/O multi-pathing with Smart I/O, efficiently spreading I/O across multiple paths for maximum performance and failure protection, while transparent to database applications.
  • Data synchronization and replication via Gigabit Ethernet for maximum data reliability and availability.
  • Scale storage capacity linearly by adding more nodes.
  • Comprehensive storage management functionality of Storage Foundation.
  • Extra Features

  • Freedom of choosing separated computing and storage nodes or integrated computing/storage nodes architecture.