Key-Value Store

The performance of traditional KV store highly depends on the amount of host memory utilized. Shannon’s KV-Store, based on Open Channel SSD directly stores key value pair on flash, while only leaving indexes in the host memory. With the same amount of host DRAM, Shannon’s KV-Store can accommodate more data than traditional KV store in memory, offering performance improvements up to orders of magnitude.

Atomic Write

In order to ensure the data integrity under extreme circumstances, MySQL/MariaDB/Percona/InnoDB enable DoubleWrite by default. As a result, one piece of user data are written twice to the flash. Shannon’s Atomic Write in Open-Channel SSD implements the atomicity of DB page-write without modifications to the applications or file systems. By utilizing Shannon’s Atomic Write with DoubleWrite turned off, application’s access latency can be reduced by up to 50%, while increasing life expectancy of the SSDs.


Within virtualized IT infrastruture, traditional methods for resource management such as Cgroup are used. However, these solutions are not always effective. Shannon's Open Channel SSDs allow user to create multiple namespaces to handle data from different application. Each namespace can be configured independently on features such as capacity, performance limits and IO priority, efficiently implementing IO prioritization,scheduling and isolation.

Product Parameters

  Shannon SSD OCS Venice Series-AIC Shannon SSD OCS Venice Series-U.2
Capacity 3200GB 2000GB 3200GB 3840GB 7680GB
Flash Media  3D TLC
128K Sequential Read 3.0 GB/s 2.8 GB/s 3.0 GB/s 3.0 GB/s 2.8 GB/s
128K Sequential Write 2.7 GB/s 2.2 GB/s 2.7 GB/s 2.8 GB/s 2.2 GB/s
4KB Random Read IOPS 650k 650k 650k 650k 650k

4KB Random Write IOPS

170k 80k 170k 140k 100k
4KB Random Read Latency 95µs 98µs 95µs 90µs 115µs
4KB Random Write Latency 22µs 19µs 22µs 20µs 22µs
Endurance 7.4PBW 3.2PBW 7.4PBW 7.5PBW 8.5PBW
Form Factor HH-HL 2.5-inch
Interface PCIe 3.0 x 8 PCIe 3.0 x 4