• Shannon Systems Ltd. is a high-tech company dedicated to developing high-performance enterprise-level SSD solid-state storage solutions. It was founded in 2011 by a senior technical team from Silicon Valley who returned to China. Since its establishment, the company has provided standardized NVMe SSDs and customized Open Channel SSD enterprise-level solid-state storage products with high-performance IOPS and more stable and excellent QOS performance, continuously helping enterprise users optimize IT system architecture and performance, reducing procurement costs and maintenance. It has been widely used in the Internet, e-commerce, operators, energy companies and other industries, and has been widely used by many first-tier manufacturers and corporate customers.

    In 2015, the company was wholly-owned by Silicon Motion Technology Corp. (NasdaqGS: SIMO), the world's largest supplier of NAND flash memory main control chips, which accelerated the development path of Shannon Systems' independent research and development and innovation of enterprise-level products. In the future, Shannon's enterprise-level SSD solution product solutions will closely follow the pace of adapting to the scale of server deployment, and will continue to explore to improve product performance and quality to meet the higher needs of consumers.


Distribution of R&D and Sales Technical Support Centers

Industry Leadership History

- 2014 Launched at Flash Memory Summit the industry’s first PCIe SSD with 6.4TB
- 2016 Launched at China Internet Conference the industry's first PCIe SSD with 12.8TB
- 2018 Launched the industry’s First commercial enterprise-class Open Channel SSD
- 2021 Launched the brand new Zoned NameSpace SSD (ZNS SSD);Released enterprise-class PCIE NVMe Gen4 SSD with a faster transfer speed—SP4E/SP4X series

Core Advantages

- Stable Long-Term Supply Of Master Control: Full adoption of SMI master control
- Rich Experience In Managing NAND Adaptation And Iteration:Solid successful use cases in NAND Flash enablement and management technologies
- Experienced In Large-Scale Deployment Of Top Enterprises:SSD solutions have been adopted by large enterprise customers for over a decade
- Holistic SSD Solutions:One-stop solutions from master control, FW to QA
- Proven Track Record In Application Customization: Meeting customers’ every need in product development
- Flexible Local Services Available:Devising solutions based on customers’ needs