Notwithstanding any other provisions in this Privacy Policy (“Policy”), we will respect and protect your personal data (“Personal Information”, which includes, without limitation, name, phone number, mailing address, e-mail address, IP address, cookie identifier, automatically generated electronic data or any other personal data) privacy in accordance with the applicable mandatory laws (“Laws”), and we reserve all rights under the Laws. In order to ensure your Personal Information privacy, the Personal Information you provided to us is collected, stored, processed, used, disclosed, transmitted nationally or internationally, and/or shared/transferred with/to the relevant personnel, representatives, and agents in connection with any of the foregoing (collectively “Handle”, “Handled” or “Handling”, as appropriate), only in the manner and for the purposes described in this Policy. This Policy explains the types of Personal Information we collect from our website(s), what we do with the collected Personal Information, and with whom we share (if at all) such Personal Information. You are asked to read and follow the content of this Policy carefully, especially if you are providing or have provided to us your Personal Information.


Users who use our website(s) or services have the option to remain anonymous and not to provide any Personal Information to us. In addition, Users can browse our website(s) anonymously without revealing Personal Information. You are at liberty to not provide any Personal Information to us. If you provide your Personal Information to us, you are asked to only provide and we may assume that you have only provided your Personal Information which is necessary for our provision of the relevant products, services, information, and/or opportunities to you. Save only to the extent permitted under the Laws in particular circumstances, you are asked not to provide any special category data to us, such as data on or related to your ethnic origin, politics, religion, trade union membership, genetics, biometrics, health, sex life or sexual orientation, or any personal data relating to criminal offences and convictions, and we may delete it/them if any such special category data is/are provided to us. You are asked to seek to withdraw and we may assume that you have withdrawn your Personal Information which is no longer necessary for our provision of the relevant products, services, information, and/or opportunities to you. You are asked not to provide and we may assume that you have not provided any inaccurate or misleading information to us. You are asked to update and we may assume you have updated with us your Personal Information from time to time. The Company may decline to collect and may remove or delete any Personal Information or outdated Personal Information provided or attempted to be provided to us by any Users. We may store your Personal Information and keep records of the Personal Information collected by us as permitted or required by the Laws.


When Users to our website(s) request the Company to contact them, our registration web page may require those Users to provide specific contact and other related Personal Information. We may at our discretion use the Personal Information obtained from the registration interface to contact the Users and/or for our relevant personnel, representatives and/or agents to respond to questions, comments and/or other requests from such Users, such as responding to inquiries about products, services, information and/or opportunities. We may at our discretion use the collected Personal Information for legitimate business purposes permitted by the Laws, including without limitation, to provide e-letters, marketing or promotional materials or other information on our products, services, organization or business plan.


As a gratuitous service to the Users, the Company’s website(s) may provide hyperlinks to potentially valuable resources that are related to our products, services and/or opportunities, such as reference documents published by industry experts, Company affiliates, links to press releases, product reviews of Company’s products and/or Company’s customers’ products. and/or Company filings with the Securities Exchange Commission. These hyperlinks, which are highlighted words, URLs or icons within a hypertext document that may, when clicked, take you to another place within the document or to another document altogether, or to a third-party website not controlled by the Company. Such hyperlinked third-party website(s) may Handle information collected in a manner or for a purpose that is different from our practice or in violation of the Laws. The Company is not responsible for the Handling of information exchanged between any Users and any of these third-parties, and the Company expressly disclaims any and all responsibilities, obligations and/or liabilities related to or arising from such Handling by any third-parties or the accuracy of the information provided by any third parties. The Company does not collect any Personal Information from any Users who click on these hyperlinks located on our website(s).


We do not intend to sell products or provide services to any minors who are not legally eligible to transact business or give consent in relation to his/her Personal Information ("Minors"). We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from Minors, and we do not knowingly link to any third-party website that solicits or collects Personal Information from Minors. If you believe that a Minor has disclosed Personal Information to us or that we have linked to such a third-party website, please contact us at service@shannon-sys.com so that the information and/or link can be promptly removed.


The Company endeavors to have security measures in place to Handle Personal Information under our control in accordance with the Laws. We have implemented various necessary physical, technological, and/or managerial measures, including education and training of our relevant personnel and representatives, to try to Handle Personal Information with required protections from accidental loss or destruction, abuse, and/or wrongful alteration or disclosure as required by the Laws. We will continue to revise policies and implement additional security features as appropriate and required by the Laws. No data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure. Therefore, we make no representations or warranties with regard to the sufficiency of our security measures. We shall not be responsible or liable for any actual or consequential damages (or any other damages or liabilities of any kind whatsoever) from a security breach or technical malfunction by any third party not controlled by us.


Users agree for the Company to transfer or transmit their Personal Information, either to third party processors, within the Company group, within the same jurisdiction or from one jurisdiction to another, to countries or jurisdictions that may or may not have been recognized by the European Commission as providing adequate personal data protection, for legitimate business purposes or otherwise as permitted by the Laws. As privacy laws vary from one jurisdiction to another, Personal Information may be transferred to a jurisdiction where the Laws provide lesser or different protection than the jurisdiction in which the information originated. We endeavor to Handle your Personal Information as described in this Policy. We remind you that the Company website(s) may be accessible globally and urge you to establish direct communications with an authorized Company officer before you provide any sensitive information or valuable data online or otherwise to us.


If Personal Information is provided to us, you may request us
1. to update, delete, transfer or provide a copy of such Personal Information,
2. to restrict our processing of such Personal Information or
3. not to process such Personal Information, and we will respond as permitted or required by the Laws.
Please contact us at service@shannon-sys.com on any matter related to this Policy. Before the Company is able to attend to your request, however, we may ask you to verify your identity and to provide further details and other things for us to respond to your request in accordance with the Laws.


We intend to continuously improve our Personal Information privacy culture, system, and management in compliance with the Laws. We would be grateful if suggestions, inquiries, complaints, and/or disputes arising in connection with this Policy or our Personal Information privacy practice are brought to the immediate attention of the Company at service@shannon-sys.com. You have the right to lodge a complaint of our Handling of your Personal Information with the relevant supervisory authority.
1. we may still provide our relevant products, services, information and/or opportunities to the extent there is a lawful basis, such as contract, legal obligation, vital interests, public task and/or legitimate interests, for our processing of your Personal Information in the circumstances,
2. we may decline to provide the relevant products, services, information and/or opportunities to the extent the lack of your relevant Personal Information does impair our lawful provision to you of the same,
3. we may still provide our relevant products, services, information and/or opportunities to the extent the lack of your relevant Personal Information does not impair our lawful provision to you of the same, and/or
4. we may decline to collect your Personal Information or may update or delete your Personal Information from our database as permitted or required by the Laws.