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Shannon Direct-IOTM PCIe Flash is purposely designed for enterprise applications, remarkably accelerating mission-critical and performance-sensitive applications;

  • Native PCIe connector

    Shannon Direct-IOTM PCIe Flash is based on native PCIe connector. The NAND flash directly access PCIe bus. Through DMA, upper application directly access the flash to complete reading and writing data in real time. The lantecy of read/write greatly reduced, benefit by wiping off the traditional SSD protocol conversion, RAID controller, network protocol conversion, another system overhead and so on.

  • Host-Base

    To optimize the flash reading and writing, Shannon Direct-IOTM PCIe Flash adopted is similar to the way of DRAM reading storage under the control of CPU. Wiping off the traditional SAS or SATA storage protocol conversion, and completely avoid to using relatively low reliability of embedded CPU and DRAM, greatly reduce the system overhead and failure points, formed a highly efficient and reliable system architecture.

  • Data randomization

    Shannon Direct-IOTM PCIe Flash adopt unique randomization engine when writing. User data deposited in the flash as completely dynamic randomization.Greatest extent to reduce the wear of flash memory, ensure the reliability of user data.

  • BCH error correction code

    Flash in the process of reading and writing will appear accidental random error. The error rate and the storage time of data are related to the number of erasing physical block. Direct-IO PCIe Flash use high quality and high reliability of 40 bit /1KB BCH error correction code, fully meet the requirements of the NAND to the error correcting code.

  • Dynamic GC and WL

    To maximize the system lifespan, and ensure the data integrity, Shannon are using dynamic and intelligent wear-leveling technology: avoid over-using physical blocks due to hot-data, achieve full potential for every flash blocks. Furthermore, in the system design, Shannon globally optimized the wear-leveling algorithm, which minimizes the data copy during the process. So Shannon can reduce write amplification to the lowest level, further extend the durability of system, and enhance the reliability.

  • Data monitoring

    In this design, the data error rate will be monitored in real-time. Once the reliability of certain data page is lower than the preset warning level, controller will automatically refresh this page. This dynamic refreshing mechanism will significantly reduce the chance of data loss due to uncorrectable errors. Since the data refreshing process is done in background, it is completely transparent to users.

  • End to End Data Protection

    In the first part, CRC check code will be generated when writing, at the same time, the software layer creates a unique ID. When reading, CRC code and unique ID will be checked independently in the different level, eliminate the error possibility of ECC on statistical significance, and ensure the complete consistency and real-time performance across reading and writing.

  • Accident Power Down Data Protection

    Power loss detection module monitors the power supply condition for storage card, during sudden power loss, once voltage drop is detected on power supply, emergency write-in will seize priority. The emergency write-in process will take no more than 5 ms thus no super-cap or backup battery is needed. This feature significantly reduces the system maintaining cost, and number of system fail-points, thus greatly increases the system reliability and endurance.

  • Overheating Protection Mechanism

    Multiple temperature sensors are installed on Shannon Direct-IOT™ PCIe Flash, and auomatic temperature protection hardware logic was put in place. When temperature rise to the first warning level, the logic will throttle the read/write speed automatically. If temperature keeps rising to the second warning level, all the read/write operation will be halted to prevent damage to circuits and data integrity from overheating. When temperature drops below the warning levels, the respective operations will resume automaticaly. This whole process is transparent to user and no interference is required.



Shannon Direct-IOTM PCIe Flash is purposely designed for enterprise applications, remarkably accelerating mission-critical and performance-sensitive applications;

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