Customer Overview

iPinYou, founded in 2008, is a large programmatic buying Demand Side Platform (DSP) in China. Since the innovation of search engines, programmatic buying is an important digital marketing technology and has become a popular advertising method for enterprises. Many companies in FMCG, automotive, IT, finance, e-commerce, and gaming industries have used iPinYou's programmatic buying platform to improve the brand and operational efficiency. According to authoritative data, iPinYou has occupied 59.8% of the Chinese brand programmatic buying marketshare.

Customer Demands

iPinYou uses Redis clusters to host fast query requests. As business volume grows, the number of servers is increased by parallel expansion to increase memory capacity. As the number of nodes in the Redis cluster increases, the growth in hardware costs is too fast and the system maintenance is too difficult. iPinYou has following demands:
  • 1.The new business system adopts Aerospike DB, and the storage adopts memory + SSD to meet the demand of growing data volume
  • 2.The new business platform ensures high reliability, high performance, and high scalability
  • 3.The new business system meets the business needs while reducing the complexity of the business system architecture, and facilitates the maintenance of operations and maintenance personnel.
  • Analysis of the application problems encountered by the customer

    Aerospike is a distributed core-based database with row-based random access to indexed data in memory or SSD storage. It is mainly used in the advertising business as server-side cookie storage, where read and write performance is critical. After using Aerospike DB for iPinYou's new business, it almost meets the data capacity requirements, but the query latency fluctuates significantly, which affects the smoothness of the business to a certain extent. After analysis, we find that although SATA SSDs are much better than traditional HDDs in terms of IOPS and latency, the system cannot achieve the expected results under the actual business pressure.

    Solution Analysis


    Shannon Direct-IO® PCIe Flash has high capacity, high performance, and low latency, which is very suitable for iPinYou's practical needs. By using Shannon Direct-IO® PCIe Flash devices as the storage medium for Aerospike DB, iPinYou has gained the following benefits while meeting the actual business usage requirements.
  • 1. Compared with Redis, the use of Aerospike DB + Shannon Direct-IO® device reduces the memory requirement and the number of servers deployed, which reduces the overall cost;
  • 2. Shannon Direct-IO® has high capacity, high performance, and low latency, which can support the current business load and facilitate the subsequent business expansion needs;
  • 3. Reduces the complexity of business systems, facilitates maintenance by operations and maintenance personnel, and improves work efficiency.