Customer Overview

Aviva-Cofco Insurance Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Aviva-Cofco) was established as a joint venture between Aviva and Cofco Capital. The company was officially opened on January 1, 2003, and its current registered capital is RMB 2,945.98 million. Aviva-Cofco always adheres to the concept of financial security and standardized operation. After years of strategic layout and market expansion, the company has expanded its business to more than 50 key cities in 12 provinces in China, including Guangdong, Beijing, Sichuan, Fujian, Shandong, Hunan, Hebei, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Hubei, Henan, and Heilongjiang. Its scale and profits are firmly in the tier-one foreign invested enterprises.

Customer Demands

With the increasing business volume, the CMS system (channel commission platform) is taking more and more time for data queries, basic algorithms, output reports, and other operations. End-users often complain about the slow system and lack of smooth daily business operations. At the same time, the workload of system maintenance staff is increasing. In this regard, Aviva-Cofco has the following demands:
  • 1.Improve the end-user experience and ensure smooth daily business operations.
  • 2.Improve the application performance and reduce the monthly settlement time.
  • Analysis of the application problems encountered by the customer

    The CMS platform of Aviva-Cofco was built by HP DL380 Gen8 + FC SAN storage and deployed a DB2 Enterprise Edition database service. With the development of business, the database service had a performance bottleneck. End users were always complaining about the slow system and the lack of smooth daily operation, which seriously affected the work efficiency. In addition, R&D and maintenance personnel often needed to optimize the system to provide the system performance. From the system resource usage during peak business periods, the CPU resource utilization rate was low and the storage resource occupancy rate was very high, which was a serious lack of IO performance. Therefore, we recommended Aviva-Cofco to fundamentally solve the business performance problems caused by storage IO and improve the end-user experience by deploying high-speed flash memory products.

    Solution Analysis


    By deploying Direct-IO devices, Aviva-Cofco has gained the following benefits:
  • Improves end-user experience. The end-users were using the system more smoothly. Within two months of system operation after the transformation, there were no further internal complaints from the company's business department to the IT department regarding this problem.
  • Solves system IO performance shortfalls, improves application system performance, and reduces monthly settlement times.
  • Obtains more than three times the comprehensive performance improvement effect in the current business scenario.
  • Significantly cuts down equipment procurement costs and maintenance costs.
  • Reduces the maintenance difficulty of storage devices and improves the efficiency of system maintenance personnel.