Customer Overview

This e-commerce client is a website specializing in outlet sales, focusing on branded authentic products, huge discounts, and limited time sales. It is one of the largest luxury brand discount online platforms in China, with a market value of over $6 billion and annual sales of over $1 billion.

Customer Demands

As China's largest luxury brand discount online platform, they offer high-quality luxury products at extremely big discounts to consumers on a daily basis through limited-time sales. With an instantaneous influx of visitors and thousands of transactions per second, the pressure was enormous. The pressure is especially significant on the back-end database, including the logistics, warehouse, and website system. In the face of these pressures, there is a need to improve the performance and efficiency of the infrastructure: to leverage the power of the IT infrastructure to optimize the processing time of each transaction and improve the user experience as much as possible. At the same time, the company also needs to maximize the efficiency of the overall architecture to increase the marginal profit of each transaction, thus contributing to the long-term robust growth and profitability of the company.

Analysis of the application problems encountered by the customer

A large part of the customer's business system used MySQL for database and local HDD RAID 10 disk group (16*2.5" SAS 600GB) for storage. After collecting and analyzing the performance of the server and database, we found that during business peaks, the database IO pressure was high and the response was slow, seriously affecting the user experience. The storage performance provided by the local HDD RAID 10 disk group was insufficient to meet the existing application requirements, which led to a sluggish response of the database and application systems during business peaks.

Solution Analysis


The adoption of Shannon Direct-IO® PCIe Flash devices to replace the original HDD RAID 10 local disk group solved the IO performance problem of MySQL database in the IT infrastructure and improved the smoothness of the business. Under the same business scenario, the instance performance of a single MySQL was improved by 2.5 times (the bottleneck is no longer in IO at this point), and the performance of MySQL conducting parallel replication of TPS from the master-slave cluster was improved by 8-10 times. By fully utilizing the performance of Shannon Direct-IO® PCIe Flash through a single-computer multi-instance deployment method, the system complexity was reduced, and the comprehensive hardware cost and O&M manpower expenses were diminished, which further cut down the cost per transaction and achieved higher profitability.