Virtual Machine Acceleration Solutions

Virtual machine files are stored in the high performance, high capacity flash storage layer using Shannon Direct-IO™ PCIe Flash:

  • ◆ Resolve the performance issues caused by HDD’s low IOPS and high I/O latency, speed up VM performance up to 10 times, and significantly improve VM application performances.
  • ◆ Support more VMs in a single physical ESXi machine, by up to 3 to 5 times more.

VDI Solutions with PCIe Flash

In VMware View environment, storage I/O usually is the bottleneck for performance.

  • ◆ Shannon Direct-IO™ PCIe Flash replaces the expensive shared storage solutions, and provides sufficient IOPS for Virtual Desktop applications.
  • ◆ By placing both the golden image and linked clones on PCIe Flash, resource requirement for shared storage can be significantly reduced or minimized.

PCIe Flash offers the following benefits when deployed under VDI environment:

  • ◆ Each virtual machine can support more virtual desktops, create clones from golden image faster, and provide a more fluent desktop experience.
  • ◆ Eliminates performance issues during boot storm, and offers guaranteed quality of service under peak load.
  • ◆ No more requirements for expensive high-performance shared storage; thus lowers the cost for each desktop, and makes VDI solutions more attractive.

VSphere Flash Read Cache Solution

Shannon Direct-IO™ PCIe Flash can be deployed in VMware VSphere at the read cache layer. The cache is placed in front of a slower storage layer, which usually consists of SAS or SATA HDDs; with VMware VSphere Flash Read Cache function, frequently visited data is cached to improve the system I/O performance.



Shannon Direct-IO™ PCIe Flash, when deployed as vSphere Flash Read Cache, provide a high performance read cache layer, capable of greatly reducing application latency. In addition, it is completely transparent to applications and no client agent is needed. VSphere Flash Read Cache is capable of pricisely assigning flash cache resources to every VMDK, providing consistent read cache for vMotion, and utilizing virtualized resources to the fullest extent. VSphere Flash Read Cache eleminates the I/O bottleneck for virtual environment, and can accelert the performance of key applications by up to 20 to 30 times.