Direct-IO U.2 PCIe Flash

Innovating Solid State Storage Solutions


inch Drive form-factor
Hot plug
Capacity as high as
Random read/write latency (4KB)

Technical Summary

Shannon Direct-IO® PCIe Flash

  • Native PCIe flash controller
    with ultra-scale parallelism

    Ultra-scale parallel multi-core processor flash controller, minimizes the intermediate processes and resource confliction, while achieves industry-leading low access latency (68µs Random Read/ 10µs Random Write)

  • Advanced reliability

    Advanced NAND signal processing and inter-chip flash RAID technology, guarding data with multi layers of protection; end-to-end data protection; always-on copy-on-write for data updates. MTBF > 2 million hours)

  • Power-loss data protection

    With no DRAM on board, or DRAM-less design, minimum amount of SRAM buffered-data are automatically flushed to flash media in case of sudden power-loss; guarantees data integrity without relying on battery or super-capacitor.

  • Flash life extension

    Adaptive signal processing technology for minimum flash wear; dynamic tracking and classification for host data (hot/cold), minimizes write amplification and extends system durability; endurance up to 5DWPD for 3 years.

  • Support the latest and next-gen flash

    Support 1x/1y nm NAND flash and upcoming 3D NAND; excellent scalability with capacity as high as 9.6TB at a single half-height and half-length add-in card form-factor.

  • Compatibility

    Standard SFF-8639 interface, 25W peak power consumption; Supporting hot plug as well as surprise hot removal.

Product Type Capacity Flash Type Read Bandwidth (4KB) Write Bandwidth (4KB) Random Read Latency (4KB) Random Write Latency (4KB) Random Read IOPS (4KB) Random Write IOPS (4KB) Endurance Physical Form Interface
G3I-U.2 1.2TB MLC 1.6GB/s 1.5GB/s 68µs 10µs 380,000 360,000 Up to 5 full Program/Erase cycles per day (5DWPD) for 3 years 2.5 inch Drive form-factor U.2 interface
G4I-U.2 6.4TB 3D MLC 1.1GB/s 1.1GB/s 130µs 8µs 223,000 262,000
9.6TB 1.6GB/s 1.5GB/s 346,000 385,000
Supported OS
Windows Server 2008/2012/2012R2 x64 Windows 7/8 RHEL 5/6/7,CentOS 5/6/7,SLES 11/12,Ubuntu 14/15/16/17
VMware 6.0 Citrx XenServer 6.5/7


Database applications
SYBASE Microsoft SQL Server MySQL
Big Data Analysis
mongoDB Greenplum  
HBASE hadoop  
vmware Xen KVM
Search & Data Mining
elasticsearch Autonomy  
High Performance Computing
Cache and CDN