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Shannon Hyper-IO™ S3C Enterprise SATA SSD


3D-NAND technology further increases the capacity density and lowers the TCO for enterprise SSDs. Shannon Hyper-IO SATA SSD employs the most advanced 3D-NAND flash, providing a user capacity up to 1920GB in a single drive.
Consistent Performance
Based on advanced flash management algorithm, Hyper-IO SATA SSD offers consistent performance throughout its operational life time with over 90% consistency at 100% random write.
Power-loss Data Protection
Shannon Hyper-IO SATA SSD offers data protection in the event of sudden power loss, onboard supper-capacitor provides sufficient power to flush buffered data from DRAM to NAND flash.
Advanced Reliability
Shannon’s highly customized ASIC controller provides error resilient data protection via advanced signal processing and RAID technology.

Shannon Hyper-IO SATA SSD

Capacity 150G 480G 800G 960G 1920G
Flash Media MLC 3DMLC
Performance Sequential Read 240MB/s 530MB/s 530MB/s 520MB/s 520MB/s
Sequential Write 180MB/s 420MB/s 420MB/s 410MB/s 410MB/s
Random Read IOPS(4KB) 48k 74k 72k 71k 70k
Random Write IOPS(4KB) 44k 69k 69k 69k 69k
Random Read IOPS(8KB) 24k 47k 46k 47k 47k
Random Write IOPS(8KB) 22k 48k 48k 45k 45k
Random Read Latency 130µs 96µs
Random Write Latency 30µs 27µs
Physical Endurance 1DWPD/3years
Form factor 2.5-inch
Interface SATA Ⅲ 6Gb/s