Innovating Solid State Storage Solutions


  • Building upon Shannon's customized NVMe controller, Shannon Hyper-IO NVMe SSD-G5 comes at standard U.2 interface in 2.5” form factor, providing capacity up to 2TB.
    Hyper-IO NVMe SSD is among the first enterprise NVMe SSD utilizing the most advanced 3D NAND technology, while offering unprecedented combinations of performance, capacity and cost savings for enterprise and hyper scale data center customers.
    Hyper-IO NVMe SSD offers peak sequential read bandwidth up to 2.5GB/s, and write band with up to 1GB/s. Comparing to conventional AHCI protocol such as SATA , NVMe protocol reduces access latency up to 70%, meanwhile providing 4KB random IOPS well over 120K. All these performance comes with a power envelop less than 6Watts.

Technical Summary

lower latency
Exploiting the low latency NVMe interface with optimized controller design , Hyper IO NVMe SSD achieves 80μs 4KB random read latency and 12μs random write latency.
Hyper-IO NVMe SSD’s highly customized controller utilizes many-core processor architecture, offering well over 140K random read/write IOPS (4KB). It meets the most demanding requirements mission-critical enterprise and hyper-scale data center applications.
Ultra low power
Under typical workloads, Hyper-IO NVMe SSD attains all the blazing performance with lower than 6 Watts power; G5 consumes less than 2.5W power at low workloads or idle state, which in turn mediates the ever growing electrical bill for data centers.
Sudden power loss protection
Hyper-IO NVMe SSD utilizes industry-grade super-capacitor and dedicated hardare cirtcuit to offer comprehensive data protection in the event of sudden power loss. Regardless of events such as surprised removal, power loss or server crash, committed data to Hyper-IO NVMe SSD are never lost and guaranteed to be flushed to the flash for persistent data store.

Shannon Hyper-IOTM NVMe SSD

Technical parameters Capacity 960G/1920G 960G/1920G
Flash media 3D MLC  3D TLC 
Sequential Read 2.5GB/s 2.2GB/s
Sequential Write 1GB/s 900MB/s
Random read latency  80µs  110µs
Random write latency 12µs  18µs
Random read IOPS (4KB) 230k 150k
Random write IOPS(4KB) 140k 150k
Random read IOPS (8KB) 160k 130k
Random write IOPS(8KB) 100k 100k
Random read IOPS (16KB) 60k 40k
Random write IOPS(16KB) 50k 40k
Physical parameters Endurance 3DWPD/3years 1DWPD/3years
Form factor 2.5-inch/HL-HH NVMe
Interface PCIe 3.0 * 4(NVMe)