PCIe G4I Series

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Shannon SSD Direct-IO® PCIe G4I Series

Shannon Direct-IO® TM PCIe Flash is purposely designed for enterprise applications, remarkably accelerating mission-critical and performance-sensitive applications;

  • 3D-NAND Based SSD

    3D-NAND technology further increases the capacity density and lowers the TCO for enterprise SSDs. Shannon Direct-IO® PCIe Flash employs the most advanced 3D-NAND flash and exploits a scalable architecture, providing a user capacity up to 12.8TB in a single SSD, an industry first-ever.

  • Atomic Writes

    Shannon Direct-IO® PCIe Flash offers atomicity for any write operation of sizes less than 32KB. It can be enabled for database applications to significantly reduce latency and increase the QoS of SSD for mission critical database applications.

  • Native KV Store

    Key-Value store functionality is offered without relying on file systems, providing applications with direct access to NAND flash. Shannon Direct-IO® PCIe flash enables significant reduction in KV store access latency, which in-turn increases QoS for no-SQL applications, centric to today’s hyper scale data center infrastructure.

  • Power-loss Data Protection

    Shannon Direct-IO® PCIe Flash utilizes a DRAM-less architecture; minimum amount of SRAM buffered data are automatically and safely flushed to NAND in case of sudden power-loss, thus guaranteeing data integrity without relying on battery unit or super-capacitor.

  • Enterprise-grade Reliability

    Advanced NAND signal processing and inter-chip flash RAID technology, guarding data with multi layers of protection; end-to-end data protection; always-on copy-on-write for data updates.



Capacity Flash Type Read Bandwidth (4KB) Write Bandwidth (4KB) Random Read Latency (4KB) Random Write Latency (4KB) Random Read IOPS (4KB) Random Write IOPS (4KB) Endurance Physical Form Interface
1.6T 3D MLC 2.8GB/s 2.4GB/s 73µs   510k 610k Up to 5 full Program/Erase cycles per day (5DWPD) for 3 years HL-HH PCIe PCIe 2.0 x 8
3.2T 2.8GB/s 2.7GB/s 67µs 9µs 560k 670k
6.4T 2.8GB/s 2.7GB/s 68µs 610k 690k HL-FH PCIe
12.8T 2.7GB/s 2.5GB/s 75µs 540k 630k
Supported OS
Windows Server 2008/2012/2012R2 x64 Windows 7/8 RHEL 5/6/7,CentOS 5/6/7,SLES 11/12,Ubuntu 14/15/16/17 VMware 6.0 Citrx XenServer 6.5/7


Database applications
SYBASE Microsoft SQL Server MySQL
Big Data Analysis
mongoDB Greenplum  
HBASE hadoop  
vmware Xen KVM
Search & Data Mining
elasticsearch Autonomy  
High Performance Computing
Cache and CDN