Shannon Systems Introduces the New G5i Direct-IO® PCIe Solid-State Flash Storage Solution


The new series offers single SSD capacities up to 32TB

SHANGHAI, Aug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Shannon Systems, a leading supplier of enterprise-grade all-flash storage solutions, introduced its newest generation G5i Direct-IO® PCIe solid-state flash storage solution. The new G5i SSD supports the latest 3D TLC NAND using a Fit Fast Structured Array (FFSA) controller with up to 32TB capacity and upgraded performance.


G5i - Shannon Systems's self-developed controller chip – FFSA


Ultimate Capacity and Performance

Shannon Systems has continued to improve the performance and capacity of its products. With the introduction of its first Direct-IO® PCIe SSD with capacity of 6.4TB in 2014, performance and capacity has consistently increased with the introduction of its second generation 12.8TB in 2016, and now, up to 32TB capacity with the launch the latest G5i series of solid-state flash storage products. The G5i series SSDs are high-performance with high reliability and flexibility and have capacity ranging from 3.2TB to 32TB, offering broad capacity options.

The new Shannon Direct-IO® PCIe Flash is an enterprise-grade storage solution that addresses the I/O bottleneck issues in high performance, high capacity enterprise and data center applications. The drive incorporates a massively parallel processing-based flash memory controller, delivering industry-leading system reliability and performance consistency by minimizing the intermediate link and resource conflicts. The G5i is a high-capacity storage product series based on the latest 3D TLC NAND flash and designed to help corporate and large-scale data center customers significantly reduce purchasing and maintenance costs.





G5i Direct-IO® PCIe SSD Product Highlights:

  • Performance: the drive offers a sequential read bandwidth of up to 3.9GB/s, sequential write bandwidth of up to 2.7GB/s, as well as up to 1000K/310K random read/write IOPS (4k).
  • Reliability: Shannon Systems uses high signal processing technology and RAID technology to ensure the security and reliability of data storage. The fault tolerance, correction and detection mechanism provides end-to-end data protection and ensures the high reliability required for enterprise-grade applications. The G5i solution uses a DRAM-less design which ensures a small controller internal cache that can be automatically and securely transferred to flash memory when an unexpected power failure occurs, protecting the integrity of the data in emergency situations.
  • Service life: The Direct-IO PCIe Flash uses adaptive processing as well as dynamic data and load tracking technologies in its design to minimize the write amplification factor and maximize the system life, ensuring a three year life for up to five full-disk writes a day.
  • Physical form-factor: Direct-IO® PCIe Flash features a standard HL/FH PCIe card and PCIe 3x8 interface which is compatible with all modern rack or chassis servers. The drive offers a standardized block device interface which allows for a 10- or even 100-times performance improvement without any changes to applications.

About Shannon Systems

  • Founded in Shanghai in September 2011, with sales and technical support centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Fuzhou and Hangzhou
  • Specializes in enterprise-grade solid-state storage
  • Core supplier for Alibaba
  • The largest provider of specialized enterprise and data-center grade PCIe solid-state storage devices in China
  • Service more than 80% of the e-commerce firms in China
  • Honors:
  • Rated an A-class firm and received funding under the Shanghai Yangpu 3310 Plan
  • Named as a Shanghai Little Giant (Cultivating) Enterprise
  • Certified in China as a National High-Tech Company
  • Appointed as an Expert Start-Up under China's 1,000 Talents Plan


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